How do I create a custom branded tracking experience in FlavorCloud?


FlavorCloud enables merchants to create a custom branded tracking experience to provide a unique experience to customers, including offering upsell opportunities as part of tracking. The following summary provides an overview of how to quickly and easily add custom branding to your tracking page. 


1. Get started

Open and click on the “Custom branding” menu item on the left navigation pane. You will be presented with a page that looks like this:



FlavorCloud provides two templates out of the box – one with a 2 column layout and one with a 3 column layout (which is the default).


2.  Customize Your Tracking

Once you have chosen your favorite template, you can start customizing various elements of the tracking page, including the following:

  • Logo
  • Section header color
  • Font type and color
  • Ad image and URL


To customize the various elements click on the paintbrush logo of the preferred template. 



Clicking the paintbrush logo will open the "Theme" window where you can enter ake your choices, including uploading your favorite logo, choose the preferred font type and font color as well as the section header color, and adding a hyperlinkable advertisment.


And that's it! 


Below you find a few examples of customized tracking pages to give you some ideas for your own custom tracking page.







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