How do I enable FlavorCloud in my Shopify store?

1. Basic Requirements

 In order to use FlavorCloud you will need to have the "3rd Party Calculated Rates" feature activated in Shopify. This feature is part of Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus. If you are on a different version of Shopify (e.g. Shopify Basic) you can contact the Shopify support team to get this feature activated for a small monthly fee.

 2. Install the FlavorCloud Application 

The first step is to install the FlavorCloud application to your Shopify online store to enable you to get shipping rates and duty fees calculated and displayed in the checkout area of your online store, to fulfill international orders, print labels, track shipments, and create returns (if applicable). 

To install the FlavorCloud application and create an account, login to your Shopify account, and then proceed to your online store. Then click the “Apps” option on the left panel of the main menu of your Shopify online store. Then click on “Visit the Shopify App Store” button on the right side which will open a browser webpage where you can search for “FlavorCloud”. Once you type in “FlavorCloud” in the search bar, you will get a link to install the FlavorCloud application. Click on the FlavorCloud logo and the application will be automatically installed.



As part of the installation of the FlavorCloud application you will be asked to create a FlavorCloud account. Enter the information on the form and press “Register”. You will receive an email confirmation that the account has been created. Note, if you already have a FlavorCloud account select “Log In” at the top of the form instead and provide your login credentials. 


Next, complete the form on the “Account” tab (contact details, etc.). Make sure to also enter your TaxID as it will make it easier to get shipments across borders. Then click on the "Shipping" tab, and enter the ship-from location (typically your warehouse) or import the ship-from address from your Shopify store. Then, select the appropriate shipping service levels (standard, express) and terms of trade (DDU, DDP). Depending on your selections, your customers will see different shipping options at check-out. You find more information about DDP and DDU here. We recommend selecting DDP-only for the reasons outlined here. There are several other shipping settings you will want to specify, including the default “Country of Manufacture” of your products and the average packaging weight (box/envelope, bubble wrap, etc.).


Next, specify your billing details by selecting the “Billing” tab on the left panel of the FlavorCloud application. Go to the “Payment” tab and enter your payment of choice. This is the method by which FlavorCloud will bill you for your international shipments. A valid payment method is required to fulfill our international orders. Please note, you will not be charged anything until a shipment is fulfilled and tendered to our carrier network.



3. Update your Shopify Shipping Settings

Once you have successfully installed the application and created a FlavorCloud account (or logged into an existing FlavorCloud account) you can proceed to update your Shopify online store settings, as follows: 

First, select “Settings” on the left panel of your Shopify online store. From there, click on the “Shipping” folder. In the Shipping folder, go to the “Shipping Profile” area and then click on “Manage Rates”. Scroll down to the “Shipping To” section where you create a new international shipping zone that includes all countries you would like to sell to. You can change the list of international countries at any time, including adding or removing countries to/from the list.




Next, click on the "Add Rate" to your international shipping zone, and then proceed by selecting FlavorCloud from the drop-down menu.


Please note, that FlavorCloud needs to be the only rate option for international. If there are other options listed, remove them. Also, if FlavorCloud is listed in the “Domestic” shipping zone area, you will need to remove it from there. FlavorCloud is only for international shipping. 

As mentioned earlier, you will need a version of Shopify that includes the "3rd Party Calculated Rates" functionality in order to add FlavorCloud as rates provider for your international orders.

Finally, make sure that all products you are selling through your Shopify store include a weight, the HS code and the country of origin/manufacture. This information is required to calculate international shipping rates and duties/taxes.

For more information about FlavorCloud please visit or email


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