How Do I offer flat, discounted or free shipping with FlavorCloud?


Note: This applies to Shopify Merchants & Direct API Merchants Only


While FlavorCloud dynamically calculates shipping rates at checkout, our platform also enables you to set specific rules in terms of shipping rates you want to charge your customers, including flat shipping, discounted shipping, and free shipping.

In fact, the FlavorCloud platform allows you to very easily and flexibly define shipping rate rules. You can apply rules by country and/or entire regions, or worldwide. In addition, rules can be set for specific periods of time (e.g. $10 flat shipping during Holiday season) or indefinitely (e.g. always free shipping to Canada). Furthermore, shipping rates can be discounted by a percentage (e.g. 20% off shipping rate all orders from the EU) or listed as an absolute number (e.g. get $10 off shipping until December 24).

Below is a step-by-step guide for how to define shipping rules in just a few minutes.


1. Shipping Rules Section

On the left-hand navigation, click on "Business Rules" and this will default onto the "SHIPPING COST RULES" tab. This will get you to the area where you can define shipping rates rules. You can set as many shipping rules as you like.


Click the blue [ADD SHIPPING COST RULES] button and a pop-up window appears.


2. Name Your Shipping Rule & Select Applicable Date Range

First, give the new shipping rule a name (e.g. Canada Flat Rate, Q1 Shipping Promo). Next, define the date range when this rule applies (aka “Duration”). You can pick any date range. If you would like a shipping rule to apply indefinitely click on the Duration drop-down menu and select “No End Date”.



3. Select Shipping Rule Type

Next, select the shipping type that you would like to apply:

Free Shipping, Flat Amount ($-off), Discount ($-off or %), or Mark up ($ or %)



4. Select Applicable Service Levels

Then select the Service Levels (Standard, Express, or Both) for which the new shipping rule applies. Note, you can select multiple service levels.



5. Define Purchase Requirements (Order Value) for Shipping Rule

Next, define the order amount for which the new shipping rule applies. E.g. for all orders equal to and larger than USD 100. If the new shipping rule should apply to all orders, select “Not Applicable” as the minimum requirement.



6. Select Countries/Regions

Lastly, select the country or region for which the shipping rule applies. You can select as many countries as you like, and you also can select entire regions (e.g. Asia), or you can select a combination of countries and regions. If the rule applies to all countries you ship to, select “All Countries”.


Once you have made your selections, click “Save” to store your new shipping rule. This will add the rule to the grid of shipping discounts.


7. Manage Shipping Rules

You can add as many shipping rules for your store as you like. All shipping rules will be displayed in the “Shipping Rules” tab, include active and de-activated shipping rules. You can update or de-activate a shipping rule at any time at your discretion.


Please note, once you have defined a shipping rate rule, and the selected date range includes the day you set the rule, the shipping rule will go into effect right away and customers will see the discounted shipping rates at checkout.









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