How do I create a Consolidation Shipping Label?

You will need to create a consolidation label for the first leg which gets the shipment from your warehouse location to the carrier’s nearest gateway. This means that one or more orders on the same day will need to be consolidated into a single larger box. Make sure that each individual parcel gets its international label as usual. Then place all orders within the larger box, affix the consolidation label and then hand that over to carrier. Once the box reaches the gateway, it will be broken down and individual parcels scanned for their international leg. Below you find details on how to use the FlavorCloud app to consolidate shipments.

 Step 1: Filter Carrier

In the dashboard of the FlavorCloud app, select the orders that relate to the carrier you want to provide a consolidation for. You can do this using the "Filter" button and then in the Carrier column select the applicable carrier (e.g. APC).


Step 2: Select & Fulfill Orders

Select the orders that have been fulfilled that day for the carrier (e.g. APC) on the FlavorCloud dashboard grid as shown below. Then select “fulfill” from the "Actions" menu. You will receive a green notification message saying orders have been fulfilled- it typically takes a few minutes to process and you should see notifications next to the bell icon on the top right of the grid asking you to refresh the page (usually you can refresh the page by pressing CTRL + F5).  Once refreshed, select the orders again and choose “International Labels” from the "Actions" menu to view and print the labels. You can also select orders and choose “customs documents” from the "Actions" menu to view and print customs docs. Note: customs docs are usually electronically transmitted by FlavorCloud which is represented by the “e” icon next to the order. You will need to manually transmit the customs doc only when there is no “e” next to the order. This happens in less than 1% of scenarios where countries have special requirements.

If you already have fulfilled orders, step #2 is not required.


Step 3: Create a Consolidation Label

Once the orders have been fulfilled you can create a Consolidation Label. Select all the orders that you would like to consolidate. Then select “Create Consolidation” in the “Actions” menu. A note will pop up on your screen that the consolidation label has been created.

 Step 4: Print Consolidation Label

To print a consolidation label, select one of the consolidated orders (if you select multiple consolidated orders printing a consolidated label won’t work). Then choose “Consolidation Label” from the "Actions" menu. This will open a tab on the browser with the Consolidation Label (make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser).


Orders and shipments that have been consolidated will be marked with a “c” icon next to the reference number as shown in the following screenshot:



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