Where do I select the shipping options offered to my customers at checkout?

In app version 1.0, select the “Settings” from the left nav and scroll down to the  “Service Level” section:

In app version 2.0, select Account > Shipping and find "Service Levels and Terms of Trade"

Select the level(s) of shipping service you would like to offer to your customer. The FlavorCloud algorithm will then pick the winning carrier choice for that route based on cheapest rates as well as best carrier fit. In the same section you also decide the duty fee terms:  

  • DDP – delivery duties paid. This means that the customer pays for duties and taxes upfront. This option is the most cost-effective and painless for the customer as FlavorCloud handles everything until delivery (recommended)
  • DDU – delivery duties unpaid. In this case, an estimate is shown but the customer is responsible for duties and taxes at delivery.


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