How do I generate a Return in FlavorCloud?

You can generate a return label and documents when an order has been delivered, and a customer requests a return (i.e. the "Tracking Status" of the order in FlavorCloud has to be "Delivered").

 Step 1: Select the order to be returned

The easiest way to create a return is to click on the reference number of an order which will open a new window with the details of the shipment. Click the “Create Return” link at the top of the screen.


Step 2: Select items to be returned

When clicking on the “Create Return” link another window will open where you can select the items and number of units to be returned.


Step 3: Generate shipping rate for Return

Once you have selected the items to be returned, press the “Rates” link you will see the rates for return and will need to charge the customer for the same (unless you want to pay yourself for the return).


Step 4: Fulfill Return & generate Returns label

Once rates have been calculated you can press the fulfill link on the Returns screen. Also, you will need to email your customer the return label(s) and document(s). The return will show on the “Returns” tab of the FlavorCloud dashboard and will have the documents and labels associated with the return that can be emailed to the customer.


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