How do I cancel a fulfillment?

You have two options: cancel an order itself and or cancel the fulfillment of the order.


  1. Canceling an order

For canceling an order, the best practice is to do that in your online store. If an order is canceled in your online store, you won’t be able to fulfill that order in FlavorCloud. In other words, FlavorCloud only fulfills valid orders.


  1. Canceling the fulfillment of an order

You can cancel a fulfillment within the FlavorCloud platform. Click the order number from the "Orders" menu.


This will open a window with the details of the order. On the top right click on “Cancel Fulfillment”. Alternatively, you also can cancel the fulfillment of an order by selecting the appropriate order(s) from the order list and then select “Cancel Fulfillment” from the “Actions” menu. Important note: You only can cancel a fulfillment of orders that are not already in transit.


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