How do HS codes work with FlavorCloud?

IMPORTANT: HS codes are required by customs for every product sold internationally. These codes are used for customs documentation and duty tariff calculations. Before you launch your international shipping, each product you sell through your online store should be mapped to an HS code. Questions? Contact us.


Merchants using FlavorCloud need to classify their products using HS codes. You typically do this once when you add a product or SKU to your online store. (If the product changes over time, you may have to update the HS code accordingly.)

Example: HS Codes in Shopify

The first six digits of the HS code must be entered for each product into your ecommerce platform before you launch with FlavorCloud.

At checkout, FlavorCloud will take the product and HS code information and identify the best carrier and the appropriate customs fees, duties and taxes.


What are HS codes?


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