Can I send an order in multiple packages/shipments (aka “split shipments”), and if so, how do I do that?

Yes, with FlavorCloud you can ship an order in multiple packages/shipments (aka "split shipments"). If you need multiple shipments to fulfill an order you can flag an order as a partial order at the time of fulfillment. For each partial order the appropriate charges will be shown, i.e. the charges will be shown according to the items moved in a parcel (cost of items, taxes, duties, etc.). To initiate a partial shipment, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Select order

Click on the reference number of an order, or order number, which will open a new window that includes details of the shipment.

Step 2: Adjust items and/or number of units to be shipped

On the order, select the item(s) you want to ship and/or adjust the quantities being shipped.

In app v. 1.0 it looks like this:


In app v. 2.0 it looks like this:


Step 3: Re-rate and fulfill the partial order

Once you have adjusted the items and quantities, you will need to “re-rate” the order, i.e. you will need to get an updated shipping rate since the weight and contents of the order have changed. Select the preferred service level (standard, express) and duty terms (DDP, DDU) and then confirm fulfillment which will execute the partial order.

In app v. 1.0 it looks like this:


In app v. 2.0 it looks like this:

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