How do I setup my FlavorCloud account?

Select "Account" in the left nav bar:
Account Settings


Step 1: Company Address & Details

Fill out your corporate billing address, contact information, and Tax ID. This can be found under Account > Information

 Step 2: Shipping Origin

Next, enter the Shipping origin if different (this is the warehouse origin location) from where the packages should be picked up. The contact email here is where shipping notifications will be sent. This can be found under Account > Locations

Step 3: Billing

You also will need to enter your payment method under “Billing” settings option (for more details see section How do I setup a billing payment method in FlavorCloud?). Shipping rates will not serve in your checkout until you added the billing information. Please note, when you enter your billing information you will not be charged until a shipment is fulfilled and tendered to our carrier network. This can be found under Account > Payments



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