How do I configure settings in the FlavorCloud application?

Click on the “Settings” options in the main menu of your FlavorCloud account and fill out the Account Settings and Shipping Settings tabs presented on the screen.


Step 1: Company Address & Details

The account settings represent your corporate billing address, TaxID and contact information.


 Step 2: Shipping Origin

Next, enter the Shipping origin if different (this is the warehouse origin location) from where the packages should be picked up. The contact email here is where shipping notifications will be sent.


Step 3: “Billing” Configuration

You also will need to enter your payment of choice under “Billing” settings option (for more details see section “How do I setup a billing payment method in FlavorCloud?). Shipping rates and functionality will not be available for you until you added the billing information. Please note, when you enter your billing information you will not be charged until a shipment is fulfilled and tendered to our carrier network.



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