How do I create a consolidation label?

For orders shipping via a "Standard" service level, you will need to create a consolidation shipment for the first leg to transport your parcel(s) from your warehouse to the international carrier’s nearest hub. Take all orders for the day for each standard carrier (e.g., APC, SFExpress), put them into a larger box, and add a consolidation label to the box. The consolidation box will then be picked up by a local carrier such as UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.   

UPS Ground or FedEx Ground will deliver the consolidation box to the international carrier. The individual parcels will be removed from the consolidation box, scanned by the international carrier, and sent on their way across borders to their international destination.

Consolidating orders and using consolidation labels apply if you are using one of our standard carriers with FlavorCloud like APC or SF Express, i.e., they don't apply to express carriers such as FedEx or DHL, which will pick up individual packages at your location.

Please note that you can either perform the shipment consolidation function within the FlavorCloud platform or use the FlavorCloud APIs. 

Important reminder: you still need to print out your usual international label and affix it to each parcel before putting the individual packages into the consolidation box. 


 Step 1: Choose the Shipments Workflow

Go to the 'Consolidations' workflow on the lefthand navigation pane. Choose the 'Ready to Consolidate' workflow filter.

Step 2: Select the Orders you want to Consolidate

Filter (if needed) and select the orders you want to consolidate. Note that orders must be fulfilled before they can be consolidated.

Press the 'Create Consolidation' button to have the system generate the consolidated manifest. 



Step 3: Select the Consolidations Workflow

Step 4: Select the Consolidated Order

Step 5: Press 'First Mile Labels' to Print the First Mile Labels for the Order


Step 4: Get Shipments Shipped

Lastly, if you already have UPS Ground or FedEx Ground coming to do your domestic pick-ups, they can take the consolidation box(es) just like any other package.  If you do not have a regular pick-up, you may do one of two options:

1) Drop off the consolidated box(es) at your local UPS or FedEx store.

2) Request a one-off pick-up by completing all fields in the template below and emailing it to

  • Warehouse/Pick-up Location Business Name:
  • Warehouse/Pick-up Location Address:
  • Warehouse/Pick-up Location Contact Name:
  • Warehouse/Pick-up Location Contact Phone Number:
  • Warehouse/Pick-up Location Contact Email Address:
  • Warehouse Closing Time:
  • Specific Pick-up location:
    • Reception
    • Front Door
    • Back Door
    • Loading Dock (If they have a specific door # that is best)
    • Other
  • Total # of Packages:
  • Total Weight of all packages (in lbs.):
  • Largest Package Size (LxWxH) (in inches):


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