How do I get started shipping internationally with FlavorCloud?

Getting started with FlavorCloud

Currently there are four ways to unleash the power of FlavorCloud in your eCommerce international shipping experiences:

  1. Utilize Shopify Plus or Advanced Shopify; 3rd Party Carrier Rates must be enabled.
  2. Utilize BigCommerce version 3; lower versions do not support HS Codes or Country of Origin which are mandatory for our service.
  3. Have an API developer resource to code our API into your eCommerce checkout process
  4. Leverage a FlavorCloud eCommerce Partner; Current offering is United States-only.

      Special Note: We currently do not have integrations with ShipStation nor ShipperHQ

Additional Qualifiers:

If your international shipping volume estimate is:

  • > 250 parcels/month: Options 1-3 are best suited for your business.
  • < 250 parcels/month:
    • If you are utilizing one of the following 3PLs, you may also qualify for options 1-3:
      • ShipBob
      • ShipHero
      • RubyHas
      • Soapbox
    • If you are not utilizing one of our existing partners, you can:
      • Have your 3PL reach out to us to see if an integration is possible and thus grant you access via this method. Please have them send contact information to:
      • If none of the above applies to your business model, and you are shipping from the United States, option 4 is the best potential option for your business as they have integrated with the FlavorCloud environment and have optimized their infrastructure to best enable smaller merchants to grow your business while still being able to leverage our services. There may be further qualifications to ensure they are the right partner for you and vice versa. Please see the engagement option details section for the US-Partner assisted program.
      • If you are shipping from a non-US Facility, we are expanding our partnerships and thus please reach out to us at to find out if we have a partner in your area.

If you meet the qualifications outlined above, you can download the Shopify app, the BigCommerce app, or create an account for all other online stores as an initial first step.

Engagement Options Details:

  1. BigCommerce V3 - Please reach out to us at and provide the following information so that we may begin the process of supporting you leveraging the power of FlavorCloud.
  2. API Integration - API Integration Guides - FlavorCloud
  3. The US-partner assisted program, please send the following in an email to and we will connect you right away.
      1. Business Name
      2. Contact Name, email address, and Phone number
      3. International Monthly volume - if you do not know, please call out your current US Domestic volume.
      4. Number of SKUs
      5. Order concentration - west coast, mid-west, east coast 
      6. Any package inserts 
      7. If using a 3PL, which one?
      8. Target launch date for international shipping
      9. Are you Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and/or Business-to-Business (B2B)?
      10. What storefronts/sales channels do you have?
      11. Any special requirements or integrations

Shopify Initial Engagement Details

We are excited to have you join the FlavorCloud family and help take your international shipping experience to the next level.

We recommend a 30-minute onboarding call so that our specialists can assure all systems are go for the best experience for both you and your end consumers.  If you can enable yourself, you will still need to reach out to to turn on international shipping & landed cost rates to your store.

Here are some steps to complete prior to the call to make sure we're ready for onboarding. The call itself will be held on Microsoft Teams and you will be asked to share your screen so we can walk you through both your Shopify store as well as the FlavorCloud app settings. You do not need to download Microsoft Teams software, since they have a browser-based version available as well.

For Shopify, you will need:

  1. Ask Shopify to enable "3rd party carrier calculated rates" for your store - If you are on Shopify Plus, it is automatically enabled. If you are on an Annual or Monthly plan, you need to message/call/chat with Shopify to have them turn it on. It is free for Annual plans or $20 per month for Monthly plans, so we recommend for Monthly customers to upgrade to Annual to save money. It typically takes Shopify around 10 minutes to turn on 3rd party carrier calculated rates.
  2. Once Shopify has enabled 3rd party carrier calculated rates, install the FlavorCloud app on your Shopify store 
    1. Important tip: if you have already installed the FlavorCloud app before Step 1, above, you may need to uninstall our app and then reinstall it again after Shopify has enabled 3rd party carrier calculated rates to complete the data connection.
  3. Under Products in Shopify:
    • Add Individual weights of each item; accurate weights mean accurate shipping rates.
    • Add Country of origin/manufacture for each item; mandatory for Delivery Duty Paid (DDP Shipping).
    • Add HS codes for each item; mandatory for Delivery Duty Paid (DDP Shipping).
      • How to add the HS (or HSN) code and Country of origin value to a product:
        • In your Shopify Admin, go to the Products page.
        • Click on the product you want to edit.
        • Scroll down to the Shipping  Customs information section.
        • Enter the HS (or HSN) code with the Country-of-origin value.
        • Then, click Save to save changes.

For the FlavorCloud app, you will need:

  1. Your Tax ID Number. Having this on customs forms makes customs clearance easier.
  2. Your warehouse address.
  3. Your average box size (LxWxH) and shipping weight without contents (weight in G, KG, OZ, or LB) - these will be used only for default settings shipping settings.
  4. The payment method you would like to pay FlavorCloud with.
    1. You can choose between Credit Card, ACH, or PayPal.

Once you have completed the prerequisite steps, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with us at



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